There are few things less exciting than veterinary medical record compliance; one of those is dealing with your veterinary medical board for record NON-COMPLIANCE. The problem is veterinary communication is advancing into the mobile, text and twitter realm, rapidly. Do you know what's in (the medical record) and what's out?

Here are some important highlights (and their importance) from a recently released veterinary telemedicine report (Click Data Compliance Statement if you need a compliance statement for your veterinary practice):

Veterinary Medical Record requirement:

  • Information within veterinary medical records is confidential. Client and patient privacy should be maintained by means of data encryption during transmission


  • No matter what your practice software or digital x-ray vendor told you, you're likely in violation of client and patient confidentiality every time you email patient records or radiographs for referrals or teleconsulting


  • Utilize a service that stores patient information securely and requires a user to login to download patient records and/or images


Veterinary Medical Record requirement:

  • Policies and procedures for veterinary medical record privacy and security should be written, periodically reviewed, updated and readily accessible


  • Each veterinary practice is responsible to ensure they're using data encryption and have a written policy on-site as to how medical records and radiographs will be transferred confidentially


  • Utilize a service that stores patient information securely, requires a user to login to download patient records and/or images and provides you a written policy so you can download for your records


Veterinary Medical Record requirement:

  • Veterinary medical records should include, if applicable, copies of all patient-related electronic communications, including client-veterinarian communication...


  • If you put it in a text, and it's regarding a patient's condition or care, you need to keep a copy in the medical record


  • Only utilize a text service that is somehow integrated with your patient's medical records or don't text anything more than "Please call Main Street Veterinary Clinic @ 555-123-4444" or "Fluffy's non-prescription food is in. Please pick up."


I get it. I've been dealing with this data issue as I've developed Vetology. There's way too much to do in addition to caring for the pets. Plus there's too much misinformation out there that could get you into trouble with your veterinary medical board. My practical advice is, off load as much of the veterinary data compliance as you can before the rapidly growing data mountain buries you.

As veterinarians, we're in this together. If you have any questions you can contact me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.I'm happy to assist where I can. I definitely don't have all the answers but after founding two veterinary data companies, I've met some incredibly talented people who can help.

Click Data Compliance Statement to view a compliance statement for your facility. You are welcome to use the statement if you need one.


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