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Vetology Ai refers to Artifical Intelligence or Augmented Interpretation. This is the radiograph interpretation resource veterinarians have been looking for. This online resource is Worldwide.

Teleconsulting: Reinventing the Specialty Hospital and Independent Consultant Profiles to an Elite Specialist Network.

      • Improved communication = Improved customer satisfaction
      • Case follow-up = Doctor and technician learning
      • Potential reduction in medical team turnover
      • Case tracking for referrals
      • Ability to integrate with current practice management systems


Client Testimonials

"I have been using Vetology as a teleradiology platform for close to a year now. I have used many other teleradiology platforms in the past and can say without hesitation that Vetology has been outstanding. In my opinion, it has been far superior in ease of use, billing, and record keeping. This platform streamlines my workflow and improved my efficiency over other systems. My clients have had no complaints with the setup or using the system, even those that I had switched over from other platforms. As if that wasn't enough, they have by far the best service group I have encountered. Their support staff has always been available to me and my clients. I have not had to worry or be bothered with technical problems. Teleradiology will never be flawless, but I can absolutely give Vetology my highest recommendation, whether you are independent or in a group."

“As a general practitioner, Vetology has given me access to specialists that I never had before. I am able to choose from a list of boarded radiologists, submit a request to review images and readily get an interpretation and assessment, often within a few hours. Additionally, at our hospital, we regularly use the platform to email images to other consultants, referral practices or even pet owners. Having quick access to specialists via this technology has significantly increased the level of medicine we are able to provide to our patients and pet owners.”


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