You're a Vetology user, and Vetology users sometimes don't always follow the rules, run with the herd or do what everyone else is doing. So now that you're here, this means you're special and a true Vetology user.

V2 is changing things with the most modern interface in the industry, latest web technology and revolutionary data integration. V2 will automatically fill-in your referral and request forms, automatically add patient records to your requests and free up your time by freeing up the data.

Others in the industry will criticize but secretly follow, copying what you'll be seeing here first, but there are innovators and there are followers. We know which one we are, which one are you?  Join the Movement. Join the Network. Join IN! That's what you get from a company that thinks differently and innovates.

Update on V2 Day:

Feature Request #1: Vetology E-mail Campaigns for specialty hospitals. Imagine one location where all of your RDVM email addresses are stored, where you can create your hospital newsletter and send your emails out, on your timeframe. It's in V2 and it's FREE. It will be SUPER easy! Click here to watch a video.

Feature Request #2 (and it's a BIGGIE): Vetology One Click Referral Magic. See for yourself.   Click here to watch a video. And YES! We can really do this.

Very Important Tip #1: If you're currently using the original Vetology platform it is VERY IMPORTANT that you go through the CLINIC MIGRATION PROCESS. DO NOT sign up for the new Vetology system using the map. The CLINIC MIGRATION PROCESS is easy. On the V2 Platform put in your current Vetology username and password. This will start the CLINIC MIGRATION PROCESS. Upon completing the MIGRATION PROCESS you'll now have access to both platforms and data uploaded to one will be visible in both. A true WIN-WIN.

Feature Request #3: Vetology's Flipbook. Watch the video that some are already saying redefines veterinary record presentation and case information sharing.

Important Tip #2: As an account Admin, make sure you invite each team member to create a V2 account using their own email address. This will prevent a MAJOR headaches in the future.

Feature Request #4: ER access to patient records. With owner permission, your ER facility is able to view records from your In-Network RDVMs, even when they're closed. Records consist of blood work, prescriptions, patient history and images. Imagine that! An ER case where you have all the patient info without a single phone call.

Important Tip #3: Be sure to look at the user guides on the website.

Important Tip #4: Watch this video on how to log in to Vetology and go to your clinic worklist.


Together let's CELEBRATE the end of the time wasting faxing, emailing and cd burning nonsense!  We need to show everyone there is A BETTER WAYAs V2 users you stand out from the herd and your individuality is now being rewarded. We WILL change the failed way of moving veterinary information that everyone is clinging to. Make no mistake about it, It won't be easy to get those less progressive to adjust, but we must get others to JOIN IN. Welcome to a better tomorrow. Welcome to V2.


Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Vetology does not have any conflicts of interest to disclose. Vetology is an independent company, run by veterinarians, for veterinarians. Vetology does not have any outside investment or ownership by a company or corporation involved in owning or partial ownership in veterinary hospitals (general or specialty) or veterinary lab services.



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