Enhancing RDVM communication has become a HUGE priority for Specialty Hospitals. However, when most embark on this journey, they don't know that patient data can now be automatically pulled into online referral forms and what information to return to the RDVM for a recent referral visit hasn't been worked out. Vetology has created a simple Vetology Referral Communication Questionnaire to get you thinking about how to do this.


Here are two tips before your get started;


Tip #1: Have focus group meetings with 10-15 RDVMs asking them what communication(s)/information they want to receive.


Tip #2: Don't send too many communications to your RDVMs. Like you, their days are full. Keep your communications short and pertinent.


Keep these tips in mind when answering. Several questions pertain to sending information. Too many "YES" answers means too many communications. Vetology recommends roughly 3-5 communications per case, more for a more complicated case.


Click Vetology Referral Communication Questionnaire to get started.


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